SWOT.Solutions on October 1 2017 launched a new service complimenting the cloud portal - a automated guided sales service directly alerting Sales professionals to new opportunities.

SWOT.Solutions has added another dimension to its already feature rich sales intelligence platform.


Ever wondered how the leading marketing companies seem to know just when to interest you in one of their products? Usually there are complex datamining algorithms behind these, and at Salesmatrix we make these tools to your business at a fraction of the cost. Forget about requiring dedicated data and business intelligence teams. SWOT.Solutions brings these tools to you with very little work and immediate return of short and long term intelligence.


SWOT Alerts have been designed to retrieve the most likely and most valuable sales opportunities and send these as alerts via email to users. The emails can be generated daily, several times a week, or weekly and contain details of sales opportunites that have the current highest opportunity weighting. Opportunities can be filtered by companies associated to the specific rep, or from the entire customer base.


Imagine walking into your office and there are the latest key sales opportunities sitting in your inbox. Sound like a Sales Reps dream? It is possible with SWOT.Solutions. 


Check out the examples below of these opportunity alerts. All are based on actual data, with customer and product names altered to protect privacy.



During the 4th Quarter 2017 a special offer is being made to all new or interested companies to install and test this for $US100 (Saving $649) plus $30 per user for the remainder of the year.  


If you want to test-drive or discuss the value of these sales intelligence alerts, contact Salesmatrix on US 704 966 6622 or Australia 61 3 9018 7253