Salesmatrix SWOT API released

Salesmatrix is pleased to annouce the release of API's for extension of the Salesmatrix SWOT and systems.

Salesmatrix SWOT and are powerful platforms for the sales rep in a many customer/many product environment. The SWOT interface gives the perfect one-page report card for a customer and provides powerful insight into customer actions and opportunities.


It was always intended to enable business intelligence developers to be able to extend the scope of the SWOT interface and now Salesmatrix has released the documentation to enable this.


If you are a Salesmatrix SWOT or user, then you can now have your own company customised material appearing on a Customer SWOT report.


Typical examples might include: 

  • Adding notes for overdue balances
  • Adding details of specific or unusual sales quantities as notes
  • including notes from other external systems.

Click here to view the API documentation