SWOT.solutions portal opened

Sept 1 2017sees the release of the latest SWOT cloud application on the new SWOT.Solutions portal.

The latest version in the popular SWOT sales intelligence series debuted on Swot.solutions on September 1 2017.

There are two key updates. The first is the SWOT engine and update is now performed at the server. In previous versions, the intelligence is performed on the client side, beofre upload to the server. This will increase the speed of installation and the number of times updates can be done to the server.


The second key update is Customer profiling on the server. There is a comprehensive set of profile lists including all NAICS business classifications. Customer profiling enables the SWOT engine to closer and more accurately pinpoint customer product opportunities. Profiling reports can identify groups of similar customers and can assist in predicting prospect possibilities.


Additional minor features included in the release are:

  1. New Email templates.
  2. Expanded grids for both Customer results and Product results
  3. New SWOT analysis of product and customer group patterns.
  4. Better integration with Excel

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