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2 November 2020

Salesmatrix 6 Released

Whats introduced in Salesmatrix v6.0

1. Bold new navigation icons.

New icons have been added to the top left of the screen to enable easy access to changes of axis or values in the Salesmatrix Grid.

Also the View Favourites icon has been placed more prominently for the purpose of building a dashboard of reports that can be easily reviewed page by page.

2. Multiple choices of format for the product, customer or sales channel name format.

In the Tools/Options/Descriptions page now the user has 4 choices of how the Description of the Customer, product or sales channel appears.

3. Refresh data from within Salesmatrix.

The file menu now has a refresh button which will use the current script to refresh the data. The focus on this will be future cloud users will be able to quickly refresh their data without having to rely on scripts etc.

4. Various bug-fixes and interface changes to cater for Win 10 nuances.

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