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Introduction to Salesmatrix

Introducing Salesmatrix v6 - an evidence driven sales intelligence and management platform designed to assist you in understanding and improving the performance of your business in your market. Features include easy-to-follow wizards taking you through loading data from an existing data source:

  • Dynamic reporting of results in thousands of different variations - each available at a few mouse-clicks
  • Filtering and customising of results to any aspect of your business equation
  • Assessment and measuring of valuable marketing KPI's
  • Put the spotlight on your top performers with Salesmatrix Focus
  • Instant identification of key patterns and variations in your sales data, with Salesmatrix traffic-light analysis

This help system has been designed to get you up and running and give you hints, tips and suggestions along the way.  From here you might like to choose one of these options:

  1. The Welcome Screen
  2. Licensing Salesmatrix
  3. A first time walk-through
  4. What's new in Salesmatrix v6
  5. How to - A guide to getting intelligent results from Salesmatrix