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Welcome to Salesmatrix

After launching (and/or licensing) Salesmatrix you will be presented with the following welcome screen:

  • Data Description. This will be blank the first time Salesmatrix is launched. Subsequently, there will be a dropdown list of the most recent Salesmatrix files used. To open a recent file, select a file from the list and click the OK button.
  • New.... This opens a screen allowing the user to select a variety of wizards enabling data to be imported into Salesmatrix.

  • Register... If this button appears, you are running in Demonstrations mode. You have 14 days from installation in this mode and while you are able to open and manipulate existing datasets, the loading of new datasets is restricted as the majority of the product names are renamed to reflect the use of demonstration mode. Clicking on this button opens up the Salesmatrix Licensing screen, including the ability to print a registration request for faxing, or registration direct from a web page.

  • Data Locations... This option allows the user to browse disk volumes for Salesmatrix datasets. Clicking the button opens a window allowing the user to point to the appropriate directory and  select a SMATRIX.DBC file.