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...find which products have unexploited cross-sell opportunities


There are actually several ways of finding cross-sell opportunities within Salesmatrix. The most common way is simply to change the grid to Products by Customers and by sorting the columns and rows identify holes in our market that should be filled. In version 4 of Salesmatrix we have introduced Market Basket Analysis, and this provides another avenue to identify where potential opportunities exist. Perhaps the simplest way is as follows:

STEP 1. Open the latest dataset.

STEP 2. Right-click on the grid and change the grid view to Products by Period. 

STEP 3. Right-click once more on the grid and choose 'Number of Customers' from the Performance menu.

STEP 4. Click on the title 'Total' in the second column in the grid. This will sort the products in order of how many customers purchased each one.

STEP 5. Review the results.

STEP 6. Further information can be obtained by double-clicking on the product name and reviewing the Product Intelligence report. This can give hints as to what products could be best targeted at the customer.