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1 May 2024

Mason's Plaster Brick - Improving Sales Opportunities


Business Overview

Mason's Plaster Brick, located in Silverdale, Auckland, is a reputable wholesale supplier in the building and construction sector.



Brent, an experienced business professional, played a crucial role in helping Trent Mason, the owner of Mason's Plaster Brick, grow his business.



The company imports construction materials from China, distributes them to building merchants, and sells them in the New Zealand market.

The Problem

Trent Mason's business was doing well due to Brent's guidance and the successful implementation of an ERP system that improved margins.


However, Trent wanted a better understanding of pricing information to empower his sales team to make the most of their product lines.


The challenge was that there were a limited number of buyers in this business. To increase revenue, they needed to maximize their existing customer base by selling more products to the same customers and identifying opportunities for cross-selling and upselling.


A SWOT analysis highlighted the need for a tool to easily identify buying patterns and potential sales prospects.

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Challenges Faced

The existing ERP system used by Mason's Plaster Brick, MIBXO, was popular in Australia and New Zealand.


The challenge was to seamlessly integrate SWOT and Salesmatrix with the MIBXO system.


Despite this hurdle, the SWOT analysis tool was successfully linked with the MIBXO system, providing live data updates.


This real-time information empowered the sales team, particularly Deborah, with the latest insights to have more meaningful conversations with customers.

MPB Gained:

  • Real-time Data: The integration with MIBXO ensured that the sales team had access to up-to-date sales data, facilitating proactive decision-making.


  • Opportunity Identification: By seamlessly connecting SWOT analysis and Salesmatrix, the sales team could quickly identify buying patterns and potential cross-selling opportunities, driving revenue growth.


  • Efficiency Gains: The integration streamlined the sales process, reducing the time required to analyze data and identify prospects. The successful integration of SWOT analysis and Salesmatrix with the MIBXO system proved to be a game-changer for Mason's Plaster Brick.


  • Leveraging real-time data: The sales team, led by Deborah, was empowered to engage in more impactful conversations and identify hidden sales prospects. This synergy between technology and expertise exemplifies how strategic integration can amplify business success in the competitive construction sector. Mason's Plaster Brick's commitment to innovation and collaboration has led to sustained growth and customer-centric success.
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MPB Feedback

Head of Sales - Their Experience using Salesmatrix SWOT


"One of the standout advantages of using Salesmatrix SWOT is the ability to swiftly access essential customer information, whether from my car or before meeting a client. With just a few taps on my phone, I can pull up a customer's purchasing history.


This feature is a game-changer because it allows me to instantly see what products they regularly buy and, equally important, what they've stopped purchasing. It's like having a secret key to understanding the "why" behind these changes, empowering me to initiate more engaging and informed conversations.


I can present myself as thoroughly prepared and explore more potential sales opportunities that are relevant and helpful to the customer based on their profile. Additionally, Salesmatrix SWOT provides insights into buyer behavior, including sales and margins, which are not typically at your fingertips as a salesperson. This kind of information is valuable and gives me a significant edge.

But it's not just about the tool; it's also about the support from the Salesmatrix SWOT team, especially Brett. He's nothing short of a legend in my book.


Brett guided us through the entire process of adopting this new system, taking the time to personally walk me through key points and showcase the various offers and features the system has to offer. Brett's responsiveness to emails was lightning-fast. He even attended a conference to deliver training to my entire team, which included a valuable Q&A session. It's safe to say that the support we received from Brett and the Salesmatrix SWOT team deserves a resounding thumbs up.

Coming back to the software - one of my favorite features is the "filter by product" option.


For example, we recently needed to clear out one of our product lines, but our old system made it challenging to identify recent purchasers. With Salesmatrix, it's a breeze. I can use the "filter-by-product" feature to quickly pinpoint customers who have recently bought that product line. This information is like a treasure trove that I can share with the rest of my team for strategic decision-making.

Salesmatrix SWOT has empowered me in my interactions with clients. If you're looking to boost your sales game, I wholeheartedly recommend Salesmatrix SWOT. It's a game-changer!"

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